Steps to a better shave for women and no razor burn or razor bumps:

• Shower it up with an exfoliating body scrub to remove all dead skin, bacteria and irritants.

• Choose a moisturizing shaving cream or gel made for sensitive or dry skin, this will help protect your skin , keep the blade from causing friction on your skin which is the number one cause of razor burn. This will also cut down on ingrown hairs, which cause the dreaded and unsightly, not to mention unhealthy, razor bumps.


• Select the proper razor, one with aloe, double or triple bladed. Always use a new fresh razor with each shave. If your skin starts to chafe mid shave, discard the current razor and use another one. A fresh razor helps prevent razor bumps as a fresh razor glides over the skin with ease, provided you have the proper lubrication.

• After shaving apply a medicated gel or cream, which is an anti bacterial and analgesic agent (numbs any razor burn and irritation) to the area you shaved. It is best to choose one that is chemical free. Everybody no matter how clean they are has bacteria on them, it is this bacteria which can cause razor bumps.

• After shaving apply a moisturizer to the area shaved. Its best to choose one for sensitive skin and hypoallergenic.

That is quite a few steps. If you use the Newf Brand line of products, this reduces all these steps! Their product line is like the Cadillac of shaving. With just two of their products, you cut down these steps to just three! All of Newf Brand products already contain 100% natural anti bacterial and and analgesic agents, so you can skip the step for applying a gel or cream after your shave, that contains an anti bacterial agent. With Newf brand product line you do not need to bother to use an exfoliating scrub, since there product makes your razor glide effortlessly over your skin. The Newf Venereous Shaving Oil you apply before a shave, which Reduces nicks and razor burn and conditions and moisturizes the skin while you shave, you apply this before a razor ever touches you, and a bottle tends to last an entire year, which isn't bad given this economy. During your shave use the Venereous Shaving Jelly, which adds an extra layer of lubrication and Moisturization during your shave. Lastly use their third product Venereous Mountain Mist after a shave, as it prevents razor bumps and Protects against razor burn after a shave, this last product I mentioned also lasts up to one year for a bottle.
Venereous Shaving Oil

Newf Brand Venereous Shaving Oil conditions and moisturizes your skin while you shave, leaving you with the closest, smoothest shave you've ever had. It's specially formulated for sensitive skin and can be used all over the body (face, legs, intimate regions). You'll love the silky feeling after using this shaving oil.

Venereous Shaving Jelly

Newf Brand Venereous Shaving Jelly is specially formulated from organic extracts, vegetable glycerin and witch hazel to provide you with a smooth, moisturized shave every time you use it. Daily shavers will be provided with extra comfort when shaving with both Venereous Shaving Oil & Jelly, providing an additional layer of lubrication between the razor and your skin.