Intimate Shaving For Women

Shaving the privates, to do or not to do

In today's world shaving down below, as in being totally bare 'down there' is no longer a matter just for porn stars. Its been proven to be more hygienic for one thing, since hair captures scents and locks them in, as well as dirt and sweat. When it gets hot outside those hairs soak up the sweat, to have good sex one would need to shower before sex if it has been hot outside, and oral sex is on the menu. For any sex, male or female, with an active sex life, going hairless in the nether regions offers both partners a better oral sex life. Why better? Well for both sexes it means no mouthfuls of hair, more skin to feel sensation on, increased sexual pleasure and easier access.


Intimate shaving for Women:

The pros to shaving your private areas if you are a women vary widely. One major thing is most men love it, the look and the feel of it. This can and does of course lead to better oral sex experiences, as you partner is apt to be more forth coming in this activity if you are sans hairs. The more soft silky skin exposed, the better sensations you will also feel, since hair down there blocks much of the wonderful sensation you could be experiencing, but would be missing out on without the practice of intimate shaving. Basically the less hair down there, the more tactile sensations you can feel. Many women enjoy the feel of being silky smooth down there as well. In today's era a bushy crotch just isn't appealing anymore. Shaving of the privates means no hairs sticking out of the bikini or that special lingerie you picked out for that special night with that lucky person. Being shaved down there allows your partner to see fully what they are going to be licking or touching, and this creates more intimacy. Besides having better sex, and possibly looking more appealing to your lover, their is health benefits as well. Pubic hairs trap in odors which are to say the least not pleasant, you may not smell these on your own, but your lover most defiantly can. These hairs collect a woman's natural body liquids as well, especially menstrual blood. Most women report feeling drier down there day in and day out, when they have been practicing intimate shaving.

It is said that the pubic hairs protect the vagina and that removal of this hair can lead to infections and issues. While it is true these hairs can block things, proper washing and hygiene in the modern world makes this a moot issue. If pubic hair was truly needed for optimal health, then every racial group would have full pubic hair in that area, yet there are a few racial groups who have little hair down there. Most women report it being easier to keep their privates clean without the hair down there. Some women feel less womanly not having hair down there, but does not having hair there necessarily equate to not being a woman? Having pubic hair down there equating to being a woman is a social issue and not a biological one, it is in the minds eye, you are what you feel. That being said any shaving you do should be your own descision and not based on pressure from a loved one or society's new norms.

There is an issue of razor bumps and burns with shaving however. Shaving the pubic hair (or any hair) with the wrong lubricants can cause these issues. The reason many women experience and razor burn is shaving the pubic area, or any area in fact can cause ingrown hairs or irritation. This can be avoided by using a good lubricant such as Newf Venereous Shaving Oil & jelly & mist. Also you can take some precaution when shaving to further reduce razor bumps and razor burn. Before you shave, use an exfoliating body scrub, this helps get rid of dead skin, and other things which can get in the way of a nice clean shave, not to mention it gets rid of irritants and bacteria. Always use razor blades with an aloe lubrication strip. Choose a razor blade with at least two blades on it, however three works much better (triple bladed). After you shave apply a medicated cream or gel to the area, unless you use the Newf Brand line of products all of which contain antibacterial ingredients from the get go. After you shave moisturize your skin, but again if you use the Newf Brand line of products for your shaving needs you can forgo this as their three products all contain the finest moisturizers. The reason to moisturize your skin after a shave is shaving drys out your skin.

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